by Sarah Lehberger & Sarah Roshan

If you haven’t met either of us, you should know that we are both survivors. We aren’t too different than most of the women that we know, who have also had to overcome many adversities in their lives.

When we first met about six years ago, we didn’t expect to have anything in common. That couldn’t have been father from the truth. We learned that we are both romantics, the hopeful kind, who see the glass half full. We see a world full of possibility and we believe in the impossible.

We know what the world is capable of, because we know what she is capable of.

And over the last three years, it has become evident that our paths were meant to cross. Our stories and lives were linked together by more than our shared name, and we had work to be done. Some of the work was internal and for our own personal growth, and some of it would require external work in an effort to serve others in a community that was much larger than ourselves.

When we first launched SHE WILL THRIVE in 2016, we tried to keep it manageable and small while serving our creative community as we still had other businesses to run and lives to live. Over the last year, forces greater than ourselves have pulled us in a direction that would have us expanding our vision and reach in order to serve a wider range of women. It was time for us to stop playing small. It was time for us to use our voices, networks, and talents to help other women find their own personal success and get past the point of survival.

Sarah Roshan (left) and Sarah Lehberger (right), Co-Founders of SHE WILL THRIVE

Sarah Roshan (left) and Sarah Lehberger (right), Co-Founders of SHE WILL THRIVE

Because, we all deserve to do more than just survive. We deserve to THRIVE.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” (James Keller). If women embrace this concept wholeheartedly and live by example, their world begins to change and their lives are enhanced. We’ve experienced this firsthand. We want this for you too. After this tumultuous year of human rights violations, the #metoo movement, numerous marches for progress and safety... there are so many more gut wrenching facets of our lives and culture that still require our work and voices. We are ready. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the work that we were destined to do. It is time to continue to have hard conversations that are a catalyst for change. It is time to work together in unity and collaborate on our collective efforts.

This is more than a mission to us, it is a movement to propel women forward.

We believe that thriving is her birthright. This new website, in addition to our personal and professional communities, will help us on our mission to help cultivate women leaders through conversation and collaboration. It is our desire to help you find the health, inspiration, resources, and tools to take you to the next level so you can be your unstoppable self. We want to nurture your strengths and confidence. We want to help amplify your voices and passions, and connect you to others who’ll appreciate and value your gifts or talents. No matter where you are on your journey, we want to walk alongside of you.  Wherever you are and whatever your role as a woman, we want to meet you there. Together as a whole, we will cheer you on as you discover your self-worth, personal success and fulfillment.

We hope you’ll join our movement. We will  introduce you to some amazing women who’ll be sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences with you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. You will learn more about our own personal journeys and we hope to learn about yours too. If you are ready to share your journey with others, please consider submitting an article to share with our community.  Feel free to share the “conversations” with your friends and keep the discussions going. We believe in the power of vulnerability, lifelong learning, and encouraging others so we can all find our own personal success... and thrive in this one precious life. 

Much love and light,
Sarah & Sarah