thrive: verb  \ ˈthrīv \

to grow or develop vigorously; To be successful; to realize a goal

We launched She Will Thrive because we believe that women need to find their own personal success (joy, fulfillment, health and abundance) in order to thrive. We value you and your contribution to the world and your family. We see your tireless efforts. It takes guts and determination to share your heart, vision and talents... on top of everything else that you do. And we know how hard it is to do this alone, without mentors or support. It would be our honor to walk beside you as your community, collaborators and fellow change-makers. We hope to nurture your souls and provide the tools, resources and experts that you've been needing to help be a catalyst for your personal and professional growth. Why? Read more below...



We understand what it’s like to be a woman who craves belonging, inclusivity and diverse perspectives. We get your desire to do something meaningful, fulfilling and amazing with this one great life. You want to make a dent on this universe with your unique talents, gifts and service to others. That’s what fuels us too!

We also know that it’s hard to find success and balance in a demanding world that tells us who we are (as mothers, wives or women) and what we should be (perfect, inferior and silent). We are here to change that. We will work towards supporting and elevating you so you can reach your full potential as a woman. We want to help you find the healing, inspiration, resources and tools to take you to the next level.  We want to nurture your strengths and confidence. We want to help amplify your voices and passions, and connect you to an audience who appreciates and values you too. We will cheer you on as you discover your self-worth, personal success and clarity, and help you pay it forward by sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world.

We are on a mission to empower women (like us), who deserve to thrive.


...that women are unstoppable.
...that success is actually personal fulfillment defined on your own terms.
...that true beauty and authenticity lives in our imperfections.
...that the only person who can determine your worth is you.
...that failing is the stepping stone to daring greatly. Onward ladies!
...that no one else is you (has your unique gifts and talents), and that is your superpower.
...that thriving is being unapologetically you and living to your fullest! leading with empathy, inclusion and self-compassion.


THE Founders

Sarah Roshan

Sarah is a wife, mom and award winning wedding photographer located in Colorado, owner of Trulife Studios (a collaborative wedding and event planning studio), and co-founder of She Will Thrive. You may have seen her at the Wedding MBA, Wedding Market Expo, heard her on Evolve Your Wedding Business, or met her at various photography and wedding related workshops in and around Colorado.

Sarah is known as the romantic mountain wedding photographer for carefree couples. She is determined to help women find their voice and price their business for profit. Sarah is passionate about human rights, open adoption, and helping cancer survivors (like herself) to thrive.

She believes in jumping with your heart, loving graciously, and that hot chocolate and puppy snuggles could solve most of the world's problems. Sarah wants you to see that your imperfections are the best parts of you, and most of all that women are unstoppable. 

Sarah Lehberger

Sarah is wife, mom and photographer based in the Northeast and co-founder of She Will Thrive. She began her career in the news and entertainment fields in NYC, and in 2005 Sarah left her job in the Getty Images editorial department to launch her boutique photography business full time in CT. She continues to photograph individuals and organizations celebrating humanity, inclusive leadership and social justice initiatives. Sarah is passionate about women's health and wellness, gender equality and human rights, and is a proud member of the LatinX community.

Sarah's has been a speaker at conferences such as S.H.E. Summit, Inspire Photo Retreats, and workshops in and around CT and NY.

She is a believer in the impossible, and she always cheers for the underdog. Her greatest joys come from helping others find purpose over perfection, blissful ocean getaways with her family, and indulging in fish tacos and Jalepeno infused tequila whenever possible!

I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.
— Joanna Gaines

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