Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business

500.00 600.00

Get both retreat days, PLUS a one hour follow up Skype coaching session with the coach of your choice post-retreat.
*Exclusive Launch Pricing through 2/15

Branding You // $200
Monday, March 7, from 2-6PM
A one day course to get you on your way to personal branding.
You will walk away with the tools to help you find or refine your unique brand message so you can implement it into your business and overall brand experience. Topics include having a niche, the power of specialism, choosing three unique words, brand values and more!

Marketing You // $200
Tuesday, March 8, from 2-6PM
A one day course to get you on your way to marketing through storytelling.
Already have your message but don’t know where your target client is or how to reach them? This program is designed for people who have been through specialism coaching and need some extra marketing help to (re)launch and reach their new target market more effectively. Topics include having a business plan, content marketing, your elevator pitch, and setting realistic goals and strategies for your success.

Growing Your Business //  $100 ***WPPI Exclusive***
Date & Time TBD with coach (60 min. Skype session post-retreat)
Ask us about choosing your coach! We will take everything you learned during both retreat days and combine that with a very personalized follow up session, so you will be ready to grow and thrive in your own unique way! This "add-on" is only available as part of our WPPI launch special for students looking to re-brand or launch quickly post-retreat with the help of a coach.

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