Website Consulting - Phase 2

Website Consulting - Phase 2


Don't get stuck on the words or shiny details. We'll help!

Our website consulting (phase 2) includes a review and edit of your website text and bio, image reviews or sourcing, updated headshot with Sarah Lehberger if client is within Fairfield County, CT (or a rec in your area), social media template and cover photo design, and overall brand cohesion. Clients often choose this option while their website is under construction, ensuring a successful launch and collaboration with your web design company.

We recommend weekly Skype or FaceTime calls plus follow up emails with Co-Founder, Sarah Lehberger. She will help you refine the copywriting, bring together all branding elements, and help you ensure that there are no copyright infringement issues prior to launch.

$1,650 if paid in full OR...
$1,750 if paid via monthly payment plan (inquire within)

Yes, please! (I'll Pay in Full.)