Passion Project Clarity Coaching Program

Passion Project Clarity Coaching Program


Don't go it alone! Let's discover your WHY!

Our 12 week passion project clarity coaching program includes 1 to 1 coaching video calls with the coach of your choice, as well as weekly homework, prompts and exercises that will help you (re)discover WHO you are and who you want to be. Using our unique and holistic approach, we'll also work towards defining WHY this passion project of yours (your movement or business) matters and how it is going to make an impact.

If you are burnt out and overwhelmed while trying to DIY through some of this brainstorming, or perhaps you feel like something is holding you back from taking that next big leap, than you can rest assured knowing that we'll work through these things and provide support so you can be your unstoppable self!

$1,800 if paid in full OR...
$1,900 if paid via monthly payment plan (inquire within)

Yes, please! (I'll Pay in Full.)