Sarah Roshan, Founder & Coach

Sarah Roshan, Founder & Coach


Sarah Roshan is an award winning wedding photographer located in Colorado, owner of Trulife Studios (a collaborative wedding and event planning studio), and co-founder of She Will Thrive. You may have seen her at the Wedding MBA, Wedding Market Expo, heard her on Evolve Your Wedding Business, or met her at various photography and wedding related workshops in and around Colorado.

Sarah is known as the romantic mountain wedding photographer for carefree couples. She is determined to help creative women find their unique branding message and price their business for profit. Sarah is also a past Team X Academy coach and mentor.

She believes in jumping with your heart, loving graciously, and that hot chocolate and puppy snuggles could solve most of the world's problems. Sarah can't wait to help you design your business and life for carefree living. She wants you to see that your imperfections are the best parts of you, and most of all that women are unstoppable. 

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