By Rosie Jon

It was only when I became a mother that I began to understand more of what my birth story may have really looked like.  It was far from the picture perfect one that first time parents dream of having.  Instead, for my parents, their lives were literally turned upside down the moment I was born.

As soon as I began to visualize how my life began, tears rolled down my face. That is when my heart said, “remember, you are not ordinary, but born to be extraordinary”!

Upon sharing the news of my first pregnancy, a friend asked me, “will your kids have no arms like you”? But the voice in my heart said, “do not worry, he will be perfect like you”!

I remember the very first moment the nurse handed over my baby boy into my arms asking, “are you sure you can hold him”? And even though I had never had held a newborn baby in my arms before, my heart told me, “yes, nothing is impossible with me”!

As the first years of motherhood kept me in survival mode, the voice in my heart continued to tell me, “you got this, one day at a time”!

Photo credit: Jenaé Weinbrenner

Photo credit: Jenaé Weinbrenner

Then when my baby boy became an energetic and active toddler, we started going for walks and trips to the playground and people including children would stare at me and ask, “why do you have no arms”? Every time, my heart would sting, but the voice in my heart would speak more loudly, “because you are special”!

When it came to sending my son off to Kindergarten fear tried to paralyze me, fear tried to make me feel insignificant and fear started to consume my thoughts. I know what it feels like to be different. That’s because I AM different. But my child does not deserve to be treated differently because of me.

I had seen those piercing stares the children were giving me whenever they saw me at the bus stop. The thought of sending my child to school on that bus felt like sending him to a dungeon of lions ready to attack him with judgment and discrimination just because his mother is different.

Then, as I was drowning in my fears, a hand reached into the depths of the water and pulled me out saying, “have you forgotten who you are”? You are my child. I am proud of you. You are more than what anyone expects you to be. You are extraordinary. You are beautiful. You are my masterpiece.

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT) - “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

And in that moment, I heard my calling and found my voice. The timid cry of a kitten was now transformed into a lion’s roar as the voice in my heart became louder than the voice of my fears.

I took one of the boldest steps I have ever had to take to step into my calling – the calling to use the power within me to change the world. Like opening the first Christmas gift that you desperately wished for and prayed for all your life, I discovered my life purpose and calling that moment I let go of all my fears.

And ever since, I have been sharing my story and God-given gifts and talents through various events around the world, including local art events, churches, fundraisers and schools, to inspire others and to change their hearts to see true beauty within others but also within themselves too.

And those piercing stares and comments from others no longer hurt or create fear in me.

I now see those as beautiful opportunities to share the extraordinary gift of who I am and plant a seed in their hearts to see who they truly are too.


Rosie Jon is an artist, writer and inspirational speaker who shares her story of courage, perseverance and faith combined with her unique gift of painting with her toes. When she is not painting with her toes, you will find her embracing motherhood, including wiping and changing diapers with her feet and keeping up with her two energetic young boys and baby girl.